Ambient Universe #69

This time on Ambient Universe we are crossing three continents to seek out new and glorious releases.

Spacecraft (India) – Home

We’re starting off in Asia! I can’t from the top of my head recall if we’ve covered Indian ambient before, I think I might but it sure isn’t something I’ve commonly done.

And here we are served an utterly peacful, harmonic affair. Pads quietly rolling past us like waves on a quiet sea. A universe of comfort.

Small Sounds (UK) – To Sleep in a Sea of Dreams

Heading back closer to home ground (for me), our friends over at Small Sounds have this one on offer, and we could not resist it.

In essence it falls under the same category ambient as our first track, and it is that peculiar instrument in the background of the soundscape, sounds like a distant horn, that caught my attention: I just love it!
So juicy, yet dry. Noisy, still calming. Intriguing!

What is that sound to you?

Greg Dallas (USA) – Forget

Over in the US we find Greg, who starts on darker grounds with his “Forget”.

But it soon evolves into a melodic, harmonic affair, although with quite interesting and unique textures. Such an important detail, it adds so much to ambient compositions.

Greg is, as far as I understand from his Spotify bio, a former jazz musician that now also explores the ambient genre. Seems to be a good choice, as Greg appears to have something to contribute with on the ambient scene.

Welcome, Greg!

All three are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest pieces of ambient work as we discover them.