Ambient Universe #70

It’s triple British in today’s session of the Ambient Universe. And this time we also dive deeper into the use of field recordings, one of the cornerstones of the ambient genre.

shimmerglisten (UK) – Katari Dreams

Shimmerglisten can tell us that this track is mainly built from guitar recordings. And that’s quite fascinating, cause there’s not much left here that sounds like a guitar. But although heavily processed, there’s still that certain organic vibe to the sounds that simply can’t be recreated with a synthesizer.

I experience much of that same thing in my own productions, using acoustic recordings and process those beyond recognition transforms them into abstract soundscapes – but with that organic “life” intact.

A unique and fascinating experience to listen to.

Aatom (UK) – Found

Here’s a different one. Opening up with a repetitive, industrial/machine like cold sound that surely must be a field recording of… Something?

A fascinating contrast emerges with the delicate bell instrument that adds a naive, child-like vibe over the cold background. Almost a creepy atmosphere is the result, while at the same time being a calming lullaby.

I love tracks like these, who just simply sounds like nothing else.
And the sound design is really great too – a lovely texture on everything we hear here.

Ishmael Cormack (UK) – Critter

Here’s another one who – while I don’t KNOW – it simply must be based on field recordings. There’s that same organic vibe.

And what a fascinating track. Such a delicate blanket of sounds. Perfectly fitting into each other, free floating but interconnected.

It stretches across six minutes, this one. And I am happy it does, because all the details going on in the soundscape here makes it a living being that despite no real progression is found in the arrangement it never turns repetitive.

This is like watching the sky at night and discovering new planets and objects in the sky as the eyes ajust to the darkness and depth of space.

All three are added to our gorgeous collection of ambient findings in our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“. Weekly updated, well worth to add to your collection of playlists.