Ambient Universe #71

We’re staying in North America for a new session of the Ambient Universe. Three great new releases for you to explore.

Nyra River (Canada) – Were We Flying?

I have always been a fan of field recordings in ambient. If only as a faint signal deep down in the mix: It adds an organic texture to the track that usually is of sigificant value to the totality.

As with this track. An intriguing soundscape in itself, very unique, but the leading instruments alone here would have been a bit thin. It’s those voices and ambient noise we hear in the distance that carries this track up to the next level.

A lovely track to explore.

Mokhov (USA) – Drifting Off 1

Next up is a rather energetic affair, “Drifting Off 1” from the United States. And it works as a good example of how something can indeed be energetic despite being built completely on slow moving pads.

The pads here are massive, like waves on the sea, as tall as a mountain.

Still, or maybe because of that, it’s also remarkably hypnotic.

Blue Crystal Star (USA) – Dusk and Decline

Here’s a track that is filled to the brim with atmosphere. And what a vibe! Dark, cold, deserted. Of all the wonderful directions an ambient track can take, this one have to be my favourite.

It does increase in intensity towards the end, dangerously so. The drama is omnipresent. And again with the layer of field recordings that brings so much extra details to the soundscape. It’s pure rocket fuel to ones imagination.

The first track is not found on Spotify, but the latter two are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where all the finest ambient tracks are collected when we discover them. Regularly updated!