Ambient Universe #72

Do you prefer your ambient large scale? Mile long tails of reverb, a soundscape so deep you lose all sense of time and place? Then I have three fantastic ambient creations for you today.

Pan Agiotis (Greece) – Insomniakos

Some lovely textures to be found here. A huge soundscape opens up, massive but fragile. Delicate, like a gigantic flower.

There’s drama in this composition, there’s energy, but never too much of it. It tells a story, entusiastically so…

But still with a calm, contained voice.

Mike Costaney (USA) – DWRF

I still remember when I discovered ambient. I had grown the habit of having the radio on in the background to have something to listen to as I fall asleep, but eventually I grew tired of BBC World Service and figured I’d try this weird genre that I just out of a general interest in music knew existed: Ambient.

And the first online radio station I tuned into, was Cryosleep. There I was introduced to tracks much similar to this one. Majestic, hypnotic, and utterly fascinating. Something completely different than anything I’d ever heard before. Huge, slow scenes of outworldish atmospheres.

And it really can’t get much larger than this. This is one massive black hole of slowly evolving harmonies, with a dark deep bass that pulls it all in towards the center.

Poulson Sq. (Netherlands) – Ozalid Lullaby

Here’s a quite unique one. The artist can tell us that the shimmering sounds in the background in fact stems from a processed lapsteel guitar. Pretty cool, and it contributes with that ever important organic component in ambient.

The result is a lovely abstract vibe.

Interestingly enough, usually I sort what I would call “good ambient” by their ability to trigger my imagination. Mental scenes. But here I don’t get that. No futuristic worlds, no endless space, no sense of wonder.

I just feel… At ease. Calm. Harmonic. And a wish for it to never end.
A really good ambient track, and refreshingly different.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest ambient tracks as we discover them.