Ambient Universe #73

Can you believe we’ve gotten to the 73rd time we dive into the wonderful world of Ambient? Amazing. And I have – as always – three excellent new releases to share with you. Prepare to get dozy.

Eager Atom (Netherlands) – Ambient I

A slightly dark atmosphere, but with an underlying optimism is opening the ball today. There’s an old-school vibe to this one. Like if we put Jean Michel Jarre in a cathedral. There is drama in the arrangement, but with a reassuring vibe that things will turn out well.

One of the really cool things about this track is that it is made with just a Korg Volca FM and a Korg Volca Keys (plus a cathedral sized reverb). And the fun thing about this trivia is that those are probably the cheapest synths you can get on the market today. They are tiny little plastic boxes. The synth snobs would call them toys.

But as with most things when it comes to music: It’s not about the equipment, it’s about the creator.

Unsung I (UK) – From Our Same Cell

We’re taken from the melodic and optimistic to the dark and desolated with this next one, from the UK.

And what a glorious darkness we discover therein. The textures are exquisit, the continious progression dramatic. Almost threatening. Be still. Do not make a noise.

It also has a futuristic flair I find simply irresistible. This could be the perfect soundtrack of any dark sci-fi series that’s worthy of our attention. From the gritty downtown market in a dark cyberpunk scenario to the great nothingness at the brink of the known universe: This track takes you there.

The rhythmic section of this made it very close to a denied access to our playlist (who after all prides itself with the slogan “no beats, guaranteed”) but I consider the mentioned layer to be soft and muted enough to be granted a pass. I hope you will agree.

A great find.

4lienetic (India) – Language

While India is not a country we too frequently visit in this colum, it’s definitely not the first time. There seem to be an ambient community in India that really are up to much good. And indeed 4lienetic is a gentleman we’ve covered twice before.

And now he’s back with a slowly pulsating drone cluster that moves in all the right directions. Kind, calm, reassuring. We watch one warm and cuddly harmony after another roll by as we enter a sedated state of bliss.

I mean, it can’t really get more sleep inducing than this, can it?
It may not be the track that brings a whole lotta new to the table, but man if it does what it does just right who are we to complain. A gorgeous track.

All three are added to our treasured collection of great ambient tracks, in the Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“. Weekly updated, this is one for the space travellers out there. Bon voyage.