The Bass Monsters! #3

We’re staying in North America for this session of Bass Monsters. Time to worship the slow paced bass and massive contrasts!

Hübac (USA) – Lucy’s Cousins

One of the really seductive properties of these kind of productions is the extreme contrasts between soft intermessos and total brutality. And here it is the soft guitar loop that provides the organic softness, while a complete bass overload counters it so brutally that one only can’t help but feeling a bit sorry for the guitar.

I mean, it’s almost too much. Almost.

Vault Spectra (Canada) – Know About

Slamming like a madman, Vault Spectra takes us on a really wild ride with his new single “Know About”. Brostep vibes aplenty, this one is shaking not only the subwoofer, but also the tweeter. Some glass sharp highs are whirling around here, total havoc arise.

Just how we like it.

Saka (USA) – Split Punch

We’re rouinding off our session of monstrous bass with this gritty beauty from Saka. Originally from Hong Kong he is now living in USA and are describing himself as a “experimental beatmaker that builds his music around stellar sound design and childhood memories playing RPG video games”.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Bass Monsters“, where we collect the gorgeously slow paced, bass heavy monsters as we discover them.