The Bass Monsters #4

Time to go down. Down deep. Down to where the grass don’t grow but bass of monstrous magnitudes thrives and breed.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not built for a full evening with these kind of tracks. But in small doses? Hell yeah, please! Here’s two great new releases:

RIOT (USA) – Louder

This one is fun. Starting out with a classic house piano vibe it makes us prepared for an oldschool house track, gradually turning over to be something that worryinly hints at Eurodance, before the vocals takes us over to suspecting this to be a kind of uptempo breaks/d’n’b track – only to suddenly and firmly jump deep into a brostep cave. And stays there. Luckily.

I just love the energy in these genres. So unreserved, the DIRECT opposite of the minimal house tracks I usually enjoy.

CHEX (USA) – Whatchu Know

Now were down at the sluggish tempo I personally prefer these bass monsters to operate in. Slow, intense, gritty. And layer upon layer with gritty, pompously larger than life… MADNESS.

It’s surprisingly short, this one. But man does it taste good while it last.

Both are added to our collection of heavy hitters at Spotify, named “Bass Monsters“. Regularly updated, this one will provide you new discoveries each week!