The Beach Lounge #18

Two quite different selections from me today. Two tracks that explore different grounds than what I usually play at our Beach Lounge – but that’s even more of a reason to show them to you.

An-Ten-Nae – Spirits (Remix by ATYYA)

Every now and then there comes an artist that operates a bit outside the scope of what we seek, but still holds such qualities that I have to cover their work, time and time again.

An-Ten-Nae is one of those artists. I usually fill my Beach Lounge with brighter, more “Ibiza-esque” vibes, and An-Ten-Nae operates in a darker, more gloomy landscape.

But just listen to this. Listen! Without going too technical in this short write-up the production details in his work are beyond outstanding. Never too much, never too flashy with his skills, never pushing it too far into any direction. He just makes really, really good compositions with all those right touches to make his work something to explore.

His works are creations to really sit down and listen to. Focus on. Discover. And drift off.

Anchorsong (Japan) – The Ocean feat. Bookend

There’s something about spoken words in electronica. It creates such a special vibe.

And here’s an interesting one, from Japan.
I am unable to hear what language is spoken here, but it’s not Japanese is it? I think it sounds kind of french but without me being able to hear any actual french words. I don’t know french either, though… So I am essentially basking in complete darkness here. 😀

But I do know that I like how it sounds! And the deep, calm groove that accompanies the spoken words completes the picture perfectly. A cold and minimal vibe, almost glassy, a gorgeous contrast to the warm and soft vocals and flute.

The result is a production of a quite unique nature. One to remember.

Both of these gems are added to our collection of great downtempo tracks, in the playlist “Beach Lounge” on Spotify. Regularly updated, this list is worth following to discover new, great artists on the downtempo scene.