The Deep Lounge #13

Ahhh, yes. Finally! The Deep Lounge is open again and we’re first in line. Feels like an eternity since last time. Three lovely deep house tracks awaits us!

John Amy (Australia) – Because I Am

We’re kicking off this session with an entry from our Australian friend, mr John Amy, who we’ve featured before.
But man, we can’t help but getting back to him when he delivers stuff like this. The groove here is the real deal. Seriously.

And those spoken word samples we hear now and then? Awesome detail. But first and foremost this track is an example of when the totality is more than each individual component.

It has the “it” factor.

Pablo Bolivar (Spain) – Dusk Light ft Ben Preisinger

A melodic, floating and dreamy track from Spain today!

And that lovely, deep groove? So contained and harmonic that it could work just as well as a background track as the focal point of the dance floor.

Ah man. I’m in a tranquil state now. How will that translate to the next track?

Joseph Ray (USA) – Guilin

Oh yeah. The floating, trance like flow continues. But we’re definitely taken to darker, more dramatic grounds now.

It is a very imaginative universe Joseph invites us into. Intriguing sound design and very cinematic dramaturgy over the arrangement, it’s a track that easily triggers mental images of epic scenes at hot steamy Ibiza club nights.

And if you’re a DJ that plays on such locations, this is one you should seriously consider arming your DJ bag with this summer.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the most elegant and deep grooves as we find them. Weekly updated, a list worthy of being added to your collection!