The Deep Lounge #14

Deep House is really where it all started on this blog. Progressive and Deep, That’s where I wanted to keep my focus. I’ve since expanded quite a lot in regards to genres – I can’t help it, there’s so much greatness out there – but Deep House is and shall remain our home turf.
Here’s two tracks that elegantly demonstrates why.

Mclown & Mckenz (Mexico) – U

Starting off with a really unique track. A really tight production, sounds like a million dollars. And with a dark, damp, intense vibe that really should crank up the intensity on any dance floor despite it staying firmly within the Deep House framework.

There’s just so many cool details in the production here. Playful, groovy, filled with all sorts of small and big twists and turns. Mclown & Mckenz has really put their heart and mind into this one, and it shows.

Sarge Malone (UK) – I got you

Sarge is almost to be considered a regular around here. His elegant, deep and smooth grooves are as if they were designed for our Deep Lounge column.

It has come to the point where I am running a bit out of words to say. He just nails that loungy deep house vibe perfectly. From the round, smooth bass lines to the filtered lead synths, all draped in a seductive veil of reverb and vocal snippets – this is one artist to always seek up when the good, deep grooves are to be on the menu.

Both of these are found on our weekly updated playlist, “Deep Lounge” where we collect only the finest, deepest underground grooves.