The Glorious Jazz Lounge #5

Today I take you with me over to our neighbours to the south west, the UK, to check out two jazz acts that’s really worth lending an ear to.

I already love the Brits and these two doesn’t make me feel so any less!

LYRAS (UK) – The Journey

I love the mix here. Wonderfully dry vocals, making this fantastic vocalist really shine. The tone of her voice is just so charming.

And the vibe, oh the vibe! Like a mild summe breeze across sunburnt skin (omg did I just write that? Come on man).

But yeah, this track is one of those that strictly speaking operates outside the focus of our jazz column, who has a more “jazz joint” focus of a more introvert, darker and usually instrumental nature.
This one is clearly a crossover that operates on a different landscape, with Soul, r’n’b and big band as main components.

But there’s no denying that this one made me smile and bop my head. And, well, that’s an effect that in itself is a stamp of quality.

Mattari (UK) – Floating

And after that really charming musical journey from Lyras, we are back on slightly more regular jazz grounds now. Although, we’re still on the light side of life with uplifting vibes.

It’s the horn section here that first captivated me. Gorgeous harmonies, not too intense, just so elegantly delivered.
And that rock steady bass.

And again, great mix. I guess being a producer myself makes me more attentive towards the more technical details of a record, and I just can’t help it. I love clean mixes.

And this right here is a band I could listen to for hours as a distinguished jazz club. In good company with someone I really care about, some longdrinks and snacks at the table, low talk in the breaks about what we heard and get some refreshments, I mean… Omg how I miss going OUT again. :~(

Both of these are currently sitting on top of our quite good jazz Playlist over at Spotify, “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“. Weekly updated with new great tracks from the contemporary jazz scene.