The Glorious Jazz Lounge #7

This time we’re taking a look at two recent releases on the jazz scene that both lends itself to other genres. Crossovers – and very much successful in being so.

fox capture plan (Japan) – Blue Planet

Fox Capture Plan is a band we’ve covered before, and here they continue to prove their excellence by providing another composition with great arrangement, rock solid bass and percussion.

The old-school slap bass and synth adds a distinct 80s feel and makes for an interesting detail in this arrangement. But it’s the downright fantastic piano play that again captures my attention.

The improvisational flair, the playful and free spirited style of jazz piano makes it my favourite instrument on the jazz scene. It’s where a piano really, really can display the immense versatility when in the hands of a proper pianist.
Like here.

Juhan Ongbrian (USA) – Home Home Home

From gorgeous piano play we are now to experience a jazz guitarist. His excellent guitar work is the full focal point of this composition and the result is a track that works just as well in a jazz joint as it will in a beach bar or elegant lounge setting.

Truly another excellent example of great crossover artistry.

Both are found on our playlist on Spotify named “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“, where we collect all the tracks we’d love to hear performed live in our favourite jazz joint.