The Progressive Underground #11

Time to head down to our progressive bunker, where the beats are solid and the vibe is energetic. Two new tracks that triggers the party instinct in me.

Maffmatix (Thailand) – Come Closer

First out is a house producer from the country of my favourite kitchen: Thailand. How cool is that! That’s a first on this blog.

And what a track it is. It has that gorgeous deep drive that so easily melt this blogger. Lovely progression, catchy as can be. And it has AIR. It lets us breate. It keeps going, confidently repeating the main hook, not stressing anything.

And omg how well it sounds, technically. Really well mixed.
An incredibly contagious track!

Sergio Del Lago (Italy) – Gadigal

Next up is a track with a cinematic flair of movement and dynamics. The break is almost ambient by nature, and the catchy melody is never far away. Big, pompous and cinematic.

It’s actually a notch too melodic for what I usually select for our blog, but the arrangement here is just plain seductive in all its drama. You just had to hear it!

One can only imagine enjoying this one at the right kind of after-party, mingling with the right crowd, and that certain late night buzz running in your head. That gotta be totally epic.

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist, “Progressive Underground” where we collect all the best tracks that has at least one foot in the progressive camp.