The Underground House Bunker #10

I’ve selected three gorgeous house grooves for you today, all three with both their feet firmly placed inside the “underground house” umbrella. These are three well worth adding to any House DJ’s bag.

Rob Stillekens (Netherlands) – Heywa

Here’s one of those timeless house grooves. And man how I love those.

This is just simply what clubbing is all about, if you ask me. That fantasically sexy groove, rock solid bass that shakes the subwoofer properly, and an overall vibe that just screams quality club sessions.

It’s also very accessible. This is one should be well suited to seduce new souls into the dark abyss of House music.

Rob Dowell (USA) – Switchback

We’re going deeper and more minimal with this next one, from the United States. A fantastic collage of samples, building an atmosphere that really is something special.

And what a gorgeous progression! This is a track perfect to wind up the crowd to the next energy level in your set.

CORMAC (USA) – Revelation

Rounding off today’s Underground House Bunker session with another nugget from the United States.

Here’s a house track That we might perhaps file somewhere between the two tracks above. Still minimal, and very groovy, but a bit more techy vibe perhaps.

Cormac himself described his track as a “perfefct late night groove”. And we tend to agree. And it has that genuine, real “clubber vibe” that those of us who’s been out and about should know to fully appreciate.

No nonsense. No stupid massive buildups or overly dramatic breakdowns. Just pure, clean clubber groove.

And pure, no nonsense club grooves are what you find on our playlist “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest, true club grooves as we discover them. A list well worth following!