Ambient Universe #75

Three very different scenarios today, as we venture out into two visions of the deep space and one earthly, rural atmosphere of home sweet home.

Amsic (Chile) – Probe

We enter the vast space of nothingness as we follow the course of Probe – a new ambient release from the Chilean artist Amsic.

It’s the beautiful, bright version of space we are served here. A colourful space. Harmonic. Filled with wonder.

And we enjoy every minute of exploration herein.

Aatom (UK) – Dust

If the first one was bright and colourful, we now enter a world of dark shadows and greyscale. We’re going deep and futuristic, with some gorgeous textures to feed our imagination to.

We surely must be somewhere with technologies so alien we are not even sure of their purpose. And I’m not sure I will survive it but I can’t wait to progress deeper into this darkness of otherworldly atmosphere.

This is the stuff I want to hear more of.

Wil Bolton (UK) – Tatekawa Bridge

And finally, a track that is at least atmospherically speaking the exact opposite of the above two: Now we are back on earth, a waterfall in the baqckground, mild wind sweeping across our chin and playing with our wind chime dangling there on our porch.

And we feel at ease, watching the traffic passing by in the distance.

All is good.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”. Our regularly updated collection of great new ambient releases. Follow it today and you’ll have a good source for great atmospheric ambient.