Ambient Universe #76

Double Russian plus an old friend from Argentina in this edition of the Ambient Universe!

LuckySixOneMusic (Russia) – Premonition of Ending

A overwhelmingly dark and spacey atmosphere in this one, from LuckySixOneMusic. Yeah, a really weird artist name, but so is their music.

And gorgeously so. It’s a neverending depth here, and the intriguing textures and details that is unveiled along the duration makes it a kind of a track that I feel could last twice as long.

This right here is the futuristic dark ambient that I will never ever grow tired of.

A fantastic new discovery.

Metawaves (Russia) – Lucidity

We’r staying in Russia for a much brighter scenery from Metawaves.

Pompous, lush, colourful. Only three of the words that immediately springs to mind when I listen to this track. An oasis in the desert. A new beginning. The discovery of eternal life.

There’s a distinct energy of optimism infused in this creation.

Juan María Solare (Argentina) – Glittering

And we welcome Juan back with open arms. His original approach to ambient compositions have made him a name we’ve often seen on our playlist.

Here he’s playing around with fragile, bright fragments of sound.
Liquid diamonds shimmering under alien suns. Reflections of lives unknown, signals from an entity yet discovered.

An obvious addition to our collection of ambient tracks.

All three are found on our flagship playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect all the best new ambient releases as we discover them. Regularly updated.