Ambient Universe #74

Three excellent new and quite melodic ambient releases to soften you up before the incoming summer season.

58918012 (Ukraine) – Pressure

A fun little titbit about Ukraine: I saw some statistic in regards to Eurovision Song Contest, and there Ukraine is one of the most popular countries for the Norwegians, consequently rating them high. Totally irrelevant, yeah I know. But interesting still since I’m Norwegian. 🙂

And while Eurovision operates a bit too far outside my own musical preferences (love the show, though!) this Ukrainian artist is one I’ve covered before, and with good reason. Their arrangements holds a lot of originality and details that I for one appreciate to explore in ambient works.

There’s a darkness present with the lovely low frequencies rolling here. A large arrangement with layers upon layers, stretching out over well past nine minutes. A proper length of a track like this.

Nikolay Pashkovets (Russia) – Unending Rapprochement

Next up is a quite orchestral piece. Beautiful harmonies in quite the melodic arrangement.

But it’s what’s going on in the background that fetches my curiosity. A cracking sound – a broken radio? – and distant thunder. And rain?

Do I hear footsteps too? My imagination is running wild here…

What an atmosphere!

Tether (Canada) – Off Watch

A quite unique atmosphere in this one, from Rhett’s alter ego Tether. A relatively simply construction, but with depth.

To me it holds a flair of something from an ancient culture. Like an indigenous flute player on a holy location. A peaceful, sacret ambience.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest ambient releases as we discover them.