Glitch In The Matrix

Welcome to a new genre for us to cover on Beatradar: Glitch! I have several times stated how I love chopped up samples and stutters. So it was about time we embraced the genre that sets out to embrace exactly that.

And it all started with one specific submission:

Notick (USA) – Freakwhensee


This was the track that made me do it. When it arrived in my inbox, I thought “Oh hell, this is too groovy! We gotta make a glitch themed list so I can start writing about’em! Our readers needs to hear it!”

Not only is it groovy as fuck, it’s also really well mixed. Sounds just spot on perfect. The bass is so dry and dominating it makes my speakers crack open. And snarky, bitchy, biting and scratching my very SOUL ’till it bleeds.

And yet I can only beg for more. Watch this space!

Slynk (Canada) – Keep The Party Jumping

Notick tells me Slynk is one of his influences on his own work. And indeed he here demonstrates why he’s such a good role model.

Slynk is quite a few notches further over on the funky side of things, but once the basses enters the building we really are served some stabs that SLAMS.

SirensCeol – The Glitch Waltz

Let me finish this grande opening of this new genre on our roster with this one, that one might call a glitch theme song. Fantastic creation that, once it truly get started (and that takes a good while) is completely bonkers in all the excessive stomps, stabs and whirling basses.

I mean, listen to this one. Pump up the volume, enjoy the intro and go MAD!

Can’t wait to see what new glitchy wonders we will discover the coming months.

All these tracks and more are added to our relatively new list, “Glitch In The Matrix”, where we collect only the finest glitches as we discover them!