The Deep Lounge #16

Today at our Deep Lounge we present to you a couple of tracks with one foot in the classic House groove. Two tracks with an appeal that should reach far outside the hardcore Deep House fans.

RossAlto (Greece) – Izulu

It’s quite a different track than what I typically pick, this one. More melodic, not as minimal as I tend to favour. But what a lovely vibe.

Dreamy, drifting. Blissful. And groovy.
That deep, sublime groove we treasure in this genre.

Kuzey (Switzerland) – Bengal

The house vibe is continued with this affair from Switzerland. A more stomping track for later in your Deep House set.

The house groove here is really of the classic kind. This is the vibe we’ve enjoyed from way back in the 90s and continuously up until now. And may this groove never fade. Repetitious, but never stale. Steady as she goes.

Trusting the groove, never to fall for some cheesy breaks or frenetic melody lines. All clear signs that we have to do with a producer that’s been around for a while. And indeed, Kuzey has been spinning tracks at clubs all across Europe since 2004.

There’s something about having experience with DJing that just shines through your work as a dance music producer.

Both tracks are added to our Deep House themed Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks from the deep side of the house pond.