The Deep Lounge #17

We venture quite far over on the minimal house side of things in this edition of The Deep Lounge. But the grooves are deep. And the vibe is how we like it.

The AquaBlendz (South Africa) – Groove (Vision Dub)

Here’s a duo from South Africa, Clinton from Durban and Banele, Worcester. They started by remixing each other’s work in 2013 until they decided to become one in 2014.

And that sounds like a good idea to me, cause what they have made here is one gorgous floating, dubby minimal vibe of the highest order. Fantastic groove, that kind that we can keep rolling forever while we mingle, dance, dab and chill.

A gorgeous and steady progression builds momentum without ever loosing grip of the smooth vibe, until it gently lets us down again. Like a really good trip.

Warner Case x Jean Tonique (USA/France) – I Miss New York

Another duo on the playlist next, and we’re not breaking out of vibe, although we’re hopping genre over to the house side of things. Oh no. The deep, gorgeous vibe continues, mildly trippy, just how we like it.

Warner and Jean have a track record as a producer duo, and after their collaboration “OK” on Potion records they now are back with a collaborative EP.

This is the first single on that EP that will be out on July 30th.

Sarge Malone (UK) – Tape Recorder

Sarge is slowly becoming one of the regulars here on Beatradar.

Here he’s back with his hallmark house vibe. Sliding, gliding, vibing. In perfect harmony with the beat and the vocals, creating an atmosphere that sums up to be more than each part combined.

Unfortunately this track doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet, but we can only guess it will be eventually. Until then, enjoy it right here!

EDIT: The story here is that apparently the label has delayed the release date. So it will be added to our playlist later.

Sarge is not on Spotify with this track (yet?) but the first two are added to our Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the finest deep and minimal grooves as we discover them. Weekly updated!