The Deep Lounge #18

As we are closing in on our summer holiday, here’s two of our recent House discoveries from new artists on the Deep House scene.

Kindred Music SA (South Africa) – Day Dream

First out today is a track that really is quite different from my typical Deep House selections. More melody than usual, more drifting. Not as focused on the groove, but the rather floaty vibe.

But man, whould this one work in a lounge setting? Totally.

It takes a bit too long to get started, this track. But the atmosphere really is of a peculiar character. So much so that I really wanted to share with one with you.

Domi Pl (Italy) – One More

This track is more “typical” of what I share on our Deep Lounge playlist. A minimal groove, establishing a simple yet effective groove. And that slow progression that sends us into the sweet trance that makes us forget time and space.

We need those moments now and then.

Both tracks are added on our exquisite Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest pieces of deep and minimal house as we discover them.