The Progressive Underground #12

Deep House, Minimal House, Progressive House, Deep Tech… Their borders can at time be a bit blurry. Here’s three tracks that all are to be categorised somewhere in between. But they are all solid underground. So let’s go down deep!

Cosmicat (Saudi Arabia) – Toxic Romance

I do think this must be the first time I feature a track from Saudi Arabia! And it’s always so great to hear club music from unusual places. And to top it all Cosmicat is even a female DJ. Very very cool. Ten thumbs up for you, sister!

And this track indicates that there also sounds to be a solid underground community even there – who would have thought.

And it is a deep, dark groover of a track that we’re served. A track with solid dance floor appeal. Never too intense, lovely progression, and really really hypnotic.

Maksim Dark (Russia) – Loud Rave

And we continue the dark, constrained energy with this next one, from Russia. A lovely, quite minimal and almost marching beat, sprinkled with details, synthes used more for effect than to produce any melody line.

And that’s exactly how I like my club music.

Hockey Lane (Australia) – Forever Be

And finally, the pick for today that’s the most fully blown progressive house vibe (or, as the kids call it today: “melodic techno”).

And what a vibe. Massive synths standing out like totems in the landscape – a terrain filled with dark, bubbling energy. Tailored for the undergound dance floor. Building and building, churning through the air like a stream train.

May these kind of productions never – NEVER – end. So be it that we old clubbers must learn to live with them changing the name of the genre over the decades – as long as they don’t change the shape of it. 🙂

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest underground house tracks.