The Underground House Bunker #11

Time to go down again, down to where the sun never shines and the time stands still. Time to dive down to the underground house bunker. And this time we have two debut releases on the menu!

Dan Tiago (Ireland) – Stop Talking

A deep, solid underground house track from Ireland rolls out our short visit to the bunker this time. Elegant progression with new layers of swirking synths and distant noises.

And that groove!

That deep, tight, solid house groove. The vibe we thrive on. We need no food or sleep as long as we got this stuff keeping us awake.

Imaginaire (Sweden) – Speedin’

We’re definitely staying on the deep side of the house pond with this next one, from our neighbours Sweden. And actually, unless I am mistaken I thiiiiink maybe this may be the first time I have featured Swedish club tracks here on this blog? Slightly amazing considering how large Sweden is in the world of music.

It’s a solid club track, this one. But it also has a grain of oldschool synthwave vibe in it, doesn’t it (or is it the cover art that distracts me?)? Not to mention the 90s rave hoover synth that enters the soundscape in the latter half of the track. Makes me wanna start chanting, “I’m the one and only dominator”… 🙂

So there you have it, two great debuts from new producers. We look forward to hear what they come up with the months and years ahead!

Both tracks are added to our “Underground House Bunker” playlist on Spotify, the place we collect all the undedrground vibed house tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated – this is one list worth following!