More Eighties Than The 80s Itself #9

Two new synthwave tracks on the menu today, as I present to you two that really hits home on that authentic vibe. And, of course, they are great.

Tamagotchi Paradise (Netherlands) – Live a Lie

This track intrigues me. Usually when I pick tracks for this column I select tracks that sounds like they could have been hits back then.

With this track it’s kind of a more “underground” synth pop vibe. A cult classic more than a #1 chart topper.

At the same time, it also holds an early 80s pop hit vibe. But yeah – an intriguing track. A very unique vibe. And for some reason, it really REALLY triggers that “GTA Vice City” nerve in me. I guess that can only be a good thing.

Distant Lovers (USA) – Safer Divided

This next one has both feet placed solid in the mainstream lane. But are doing so in an excellent way.

I also really like the production here, the mix sounds legit 80s, more so than what I often hear from synthwave today when the producers are adding that modern day EDM pumping sound that so totally breaks the illusion.

It’s also great to find a track with a lower energy level. The 80s were also very much about the pop ballads!

Both tracks are added to our excellent synthwave playlist, “More Eighties Than The 80s itself“, where we collect only the finest tracks with a definite legitimate 80s sound. Weekly updated!