The Deep Lounge #19

Three new Deep House releases to feed to your VIP lounge this summer!

Drive7 (Netherlands) – Tumbling

First out is a really deep and trippy creation from the European capital of everything trippy, the Netherlands.

A distinctly loungy vibe, but with that seductive drive that soon will make your head bop, unconsciously. But the minimal nature of this construction does not mean it’s static. It flows like an organic being, sneaking in under our skin.

With our blessings.

Mazoulew (UK) – Ditto

A considerably more melodic affair is up next, from the UK. There’s more meat on this bone, but the loungy vibe is maintained.

We are not setting the floor on fire so far, but that’s not the point. We are rather warming up for a long night ahead.
Or – for that matter – landing again after a good session of nighttime madness.
This track will secure that landing for sure.

Drew Dapps (USA) – Feels Good

And while we’re not quite leaving the “VIP lounge vibe“, when it’s time to ramp up the heat a notch then good old Drew is always a safe card to draw. Featured several times earlier, here he provides yet another example as of why he’s a regular on our playlist.

The bass here is simply irresistible. Uncomplicated, straightforward but an exceptionally effective house groove.

Dapps is a man to count on. Check out the rest of his catalogue too – there’s plenty gold to find there.

All three are added to our excellent Deep House playlist on Spotify, “Deep Lounge“, where only the deepest, most elegant house vibes are collected.