The Deep Lounge #20

It’s a hot hot summer here in Norway now, so let’s chill with some cool new Deep House tracks that really provides that elegant lounge vibe we need now.

John Amy (Australia) – Atlas

We’ve heard from John before here on Beatradar, and with good reason: His tracks are just so spot on that “lounge club” vibe that we love so much.

Smooth as silk, deep as the ocean and with that minimal atmosphere of abstract dreams that we just want to let keep going on repeat.

Stazzia (France) – Melancholy

We’re going quite a few notches up in tempo with this next one, from France. But the elegant groove remains, however now we need a dance floor. This is groovy stuff. This is fodder for the feet.

A lovely, timeless house track that really should be considered by any house DJ out there.

Both of these gorgeous tracks are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest deep house tracks as we discover them.