The Progressive Underground #13

Progressive House. Not that mainstream vocal based pop music with a house beat. No. The real progressive house. That’s what we cover here. And it’s time to share with you three new releases that remains on the good side of the progressive landscape.

Leichsen & Luana (Brazil) – Who Are You

This is actually a notch too low energy for what I usually select, but there’s just something about this track that made me stop and think, “I gotta make an exception for this one”.

A delicate selection of layers, all fit into each other like a hand in a glove.
The perfect track to play early in a progressive set, this one just grooves in a perfectly sublime way.

Truebeef (Australia) – The Space Of No Thought

We remain in the quieter side of progressive with this one by Truebeef, just adding a pinch of energy.

I may just be a bit influenced by the fact that I play Cyberpunk 2077 nowadays (a fantastic game!) but I get a dark, futuristic vibe from this. A cyberpunk city after midnight.

And the groove is real. The dark, deep groove that makes this one a crossover between progressive and deep house. So much so that I in fact added this one to both our playlists who cover those genres.

One Rock State (Russia) – Zero Coordinate (Gai Barone Remix)

And finally, the track that almost made me choke my candy as I were sitting and browsing submissions to the blog. This right here, this is progressive house for me. The way it builds, steadily, towards a vibe that is really quite euforic. But without ever loosing it.

There’s a lot going on in this remix. But never too much, not at the same time. It’s just…


All three are found on our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest deep, dark, groovy proghouse tracks as we discover them.