Ambient Universe #77

Triple American today, as we explore the Ambient Universe again after the summer holiday. If these three are any indication of what to expect from the ambient scene the coming months, we got a lot to look forward to!

VAAAL (USA) – thnk u

Ambient is all about atmospheres.
And this track here is quite the find in that context. A solitude, gloomy vibe enters our very soul, and lingers like a dark silk cloth slowly moving in the mild breeze.

And the darkness!
Oh that lovely darkness that I personally so much prefer in my ambient moments. There’s little to feel cheerful for here. But it does not matter, cause this depression is a beauty.

Frank Cogliano (USA) – Windows 98

And we remain on the solitude side of things with this next one, albeit draped in a slightly brighter atmosphere. A gorgeous, hollow lead instrument builds the foundation of this quite minimal production of delicate harmonies.

It eventually evolves into an airy composition of endless reverbs and colourful herbs, and I imagine an acid fuelled land of wonder.

A gorgeous track.

Doug Buckley (USA) – Warm Night

Almost to be considered a “bonus track” this one, with its measly two minute duration. Unfortunate really, cause this could very well be a track worthy of a proper stretch.

Experimental by nature, drizzled with reversed sounds and curious audio landscapes…

… Until it snaps us out of it. Literally speaking.

All three are added to our flagship playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them.