Ambient Universe #78

We’re heading to eastern Europe today, as we follow the star trails of new releases in the ambient universe. And that side of the universe is quite dark, as you are about to discover:

Proswave (Poland) – Hunter

An imaginative and non-melodic universe, that’s what Proswave invites us to here. Quite eery atmosphere. Dark as can be. Unsettling. Dramatic.

But incredibly rich of details and with a futuristic vibe that I just can not help but fall for. And I especially love the transitions between the segments in this seven minute long piece. There is a lot going on here, while at the same time being so, so quiet.

A great track. But you probably need to be open to the darker sides of ambient to fully enjoy it?

LuckySixOneMusic (Russia) – nagging reflection

And we definitely continue the dark, cold atmosphere in this one from the great LuckySixOneMusic, who we’ve covered before.

The silence is deafening here. This is after the fall. Some distant rumblings indicates movements of whom we have a feeling is of a non-organic nature. Are we on a distant planet? Or an industry complex after the bomb dropped? Or are we simply slung into the empty void of nothingness?

That, my dear fellow ambient listener, that is up to our imagination to decide. All I can do, is thank LuckySixOneMusic for yet another great trip into the darker areas of my imagination.

These two great tracks are both added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we add only the finest ambient tracks of a silent, futuristic quality. Weekly updated!