More Eighties Than The 80s Itself #10

What is it that has made synthwave so enormous in the USA? It seems to me that a vast majority of new synthwave releases are produced there. So it’s time to visit the US of A again to enjoy some recent highlights coming from the synthwave scene.

CatchTwentyTwo (USA) – Night Is Done

DeBarge! That’s the group that instantly pops up in my head when listening to this track. A lovely soul-injected groover of the classic kind. Late 70s/early 80s vibe aplenty.

And being as old as I am, I vividly remember my tiny little AM radio, tuning on the sound of the world. Excited to find stations broadcasting as far away as England and the Netherlands, not to mention Radio Luxembourg, of course.
And what I found back then was often the vibe we also hear here.

Cynthlord (USA) – Dancing in the rain

We head over to the synth pop vibes with this next one. A really solid production where we have everything that made the eighties into what it were. Classic arrangement, great chorus, and with all the synth toms and plucks we can possibly wish for.

Only thing missing is the guitar solo.
But we totally can live without that staple when the rest of the package is as complete as this.

Both are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “More Eighties Than The 80s Itself” where we collect all the finest vocal based synthwave releases as we discover them. Weekly updated!