The Beach Lounge #21

Time to open our beach lounge again. Here’s three new great releases from the downtempo side of electronica. Gorgeous tracks to chill with.

Tim Rose & Ddidthat (USA) – Flow State

We’re opening today’s session with a jazzy vibe from the USA. Sprinkled with a delicate touch of mild funk. Or, as the press release described it; “A groove-infused guitar, mood-setting piano and romantic saxophone over ambient waves of cinematic soundscapes”.

But it’s especially the jazzy vibe for me. Gorgeous performances, a timeless track that can and should be enjoyed for a very long time.

Augustus Breeze (UK) – Brute

Increasing the tempo a bit next, with a track that in itself may not hold such an apparent jazzy vibe, but is made by an artist whom music career began with playing in a variety of bands and ensembles primarily performing jazz.

And it’s a very unique atmosphere in this one. Playful, gentle, utterly friendly and charmingly introvert. Simply put someone we’d love to make friends with.

MÒZÂMBÎQÚE (USA) – Before the Clouds

Rounding off today’s session with this gorgeous piece of music. Elegant and laid back, never hogging the limelight, just spreading the good vibe.

The guitar lead contributes with an organic feel that adds so much to the texture of the track. We don’t really mind that this essentially is just the same hook over and over – it could continue for the rest of the evening, for all we care.

Ah man, this track is pure cream.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where only the tracks we’d play at our Beach bar resides.