The Deep Lounge #21

It’s time to re-open our imaginary Deep Lounge club again, after a long hot summer here in Norway. Two great recent releases are on the menu – enjoy!

Drew Dapps (USA) – Something Real

Drew is a guy we’ve heard from before here on the “Deep Lounge” column, and with good reason. He simply nails the “tight deep groove” sound, and do so over and over. Classic deep house vibes that don’t offend anyone, yet remains to please also the underground crowd.

I mean, can it really be more head-bopping than this? It’s just so rock solid. A perfect lounge vibed track to spin later in the evening.

Spencer Brown & Qrion (USA/Japan) – Rainy April

Here’s a lovely, deep one that stretches across a solid seven and a half minute in the original version, 5:40 in the edited version. In todays restless playlist-driven world it’s actually quite uncommon to see tracks of these lengths, but being as old as I am I really do dig it. Back in the days it wasn’t a proper club track unless it stretched across at LEAST six minutes, with props to those who broke the 10 minute barrier. That was a cool thing. Today it’s a drawback.

Anyways, the track itself has a more melodic focus than what I usually select, but this track triggered some of that same melodic fascination that I get from the legendary Röyksopp track, “Eple”.

Simple, naive, happy. But so, so catchy.

Both of these nuggets are added to our really quite fantastic Deep House and Lounge playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest deep grooves. Weekly updated!