The Progressive Underground #14

Slowly we are reopening here at Beatradar after the summer holiday, one department at a time. Today it’s time to breath new life into our Progressive Underground!

Evan Hatfield (USA) – It’s Midnight

Here’s a really original track. A gorgeously tight progressive drive with a… Banjo on top? Or something like that? Not sure exactly what it is, but it sure is a novelty within this genre.

It’s never really taking off, this one. Never losing its marbles. Instead it’s delivering an hypnotic groove and while doing so establish a foundation of pure progressive concrete to build a rock solid DJ set upon.
This is one for the prog DJs out there, for sure.

Elias Doré (Germany) – Limba Sarda

And we remain in the lands of the deep grooves with this next one, from Germany. And it’s an incredibly diverse track, it could work just as well in a deep house set as it does early in a progressive set – or for that matter, a chill lounge set!

The drive here is prominent enough for the dance floor, but the vibe… Ah man the vibe is just pure bliss. So I’m left wondering if I really do want to dance to this one, or just kick back and be mad chill.

What did you choose?

Both of these glorious gems are added to our progressively enchanting playlist, “The Progressive Underground”, where we collect only the finest tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated!