The Underground House Bunker #12

A few weeks off for summer holiday really did us good. We’re back and as hungry for club tracks as we’ve ever been! Time to check out a couple of really, really good underground house tracks that was released just these passing weeks.

Tanner Dixon (USA) – Timeweaver

This is one track I’d classify as a perfect track to turn up the heat during an afternoon or early evening DJ set – either out on a boat, beach, or at the club. It has a light vibe, funky, kind to the ear.

Kind, yes, but still: The deep groove here is damn catchy. Makes my rockin’ knee vibrate. And the beat is serious business. This track serves a solid take-off.

I’m just gonna say it: This is one track to start a good roll on.

Jake Beautyman (UK) – Club To State (Joe Pompeo Remix)

Ah man, this next one is such a gem. So deep and dark it just begs to be played at one of those clubs.

You know, the dark, deep clubs with a discrete sign outside. Where you need to know the bouncer to be let through – into the place where the real clubbers hang. Hypnotic to the max, confidently minimal and relentless in a very convincing way.

With a drive that could keep going for hours without a single protest. Yes, there’s no doubt:
This is one I’ll add to my DJ bag. How about you?

Both of these tracks are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker”, where only the finest underground house tracks are found. Weekly updated!