Ambient Universe #81

Three continents are visited as I present to you a new selection of what I consider to be the best new ambient releases over the last couple of weeks.

Ed Han (USA) – The Aftermath

Ed serves a really classic vibe on his latest work. What sets it apart is that the whole piece is arranged much like classical music, with different segments. Extremely cinematic.

Add to that some peculiar sounds that lurks in the background at times, sounds likea field recording of some sort, and we got a track really worth listening to.

But yes – this is definitely amongst the more melodic selection I’ve done in quite a while.

IKSRE (Australia) – Rapids

… And wouldn’t you know, I continue the neo-classical vibe with this one from down under.

The artist tells us, “I am deeply passionate about using sound and vibration as a key tool for healing, and using field recordings to help city dwellers connect with the sounds of our earth and to help us reconnect with our natural surroundings.

An intention as good as any! Especially when the result is as good as this.

A gorgeous piece.

Rustre (Germany) – Sinesis

Our third and final entry for today stems from Germany, and is coming from an artist we’ve covered before, Rustre.

Their carefully composed harmonics are such a delicate treat to consume. Quiet, careful, gentle as can be, this one is designed to guide us into the deepest sleep filled with dreams of imaginary wonders.

Sweet dreams…

All three are found on one of this blog’s flagship playlists, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest pieces of imaginative ambient works from all over the world. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow for all fans of the genre.