Ambient Universe #82

Three great new ambient releases for you this weekend – one made with an ebow! (yeah I had to google it too).

Mountain Guy (Italy) – Violet Sun

An utterly melodic and bright opening of todays ambient session. There’s not a danger to be found anywhere in this universe, that’s for sure. A day of wonder is what unveils through the course of this track, all while colourful sparkles are dancing around us in adoration for everything and everywhere beautiful.

I think this is what they must mean when they talk about a “good trip”?

McDead (UK) – Bow Drone

We are entering significantly darker grounds now, I should say as expected from an artist name like that, “McDead“. 😀

That’s not to say this is the darkest piece ever to reach our ear drums – instead we get something that sounds like an experimental session in front of a stack of analogue synths. However, according to the artist it’s actually an ebow that’s used on a guitar and synthesized.

And yes, I had to google “ebow”. Turns out it’s a tool to create an eternal sustain on any string using magnetism.
I think I want one!

Trova & Neeyat Saaf (USA/UK) – If You Only Knew This

And we round off this session by returning to the grande harmonic landscapes.

Trova is to be considered one of the regulars of this column, as we’ve featured him many a time on our playlist. And no wonder – his work is consequently of top shelf quality, with huge, majestic sceneries played out in his tracks.

In addition to running his own label he also seem to quite frequently be collaborating with other artists – like here, with the British gentleman Saaf.

Evidently with good results.

All three are added to our flagship Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated, this should be the only ambient list you need.