The Beach Lounge #23

Can’t get enough of’em downtempo, chill affairs? We got you covered! And this time with two that are a bit different than what we usually select for our Beach Lounge.

Frank Cogliano (USA) – Dusty

A very meloic affair is what i have on the plate for you to begin with. It’s basically a guitar instrumental. And that’s really not something you find often under this column.

But I love this one. I really do. And being it as organic as it is, it still has that smooth, jazzy electronica beat rolling.

I see sailboats under a hot sun with this track. Large, white, gorgeous ships on a quiet sea.

Mazoulew (UK) – Ki Lo

We raise the intensity with this next one who really isn’t that downtempo, counted in beats per minute. I’d estimate something close to 120?

But the vibe here is still definitely of the calmer side of things. A dreamy, floating atmosphere that’s catchy enough to bop our heads to, but it never breaks us out of that relaxed session at the lounge.

A track that’s well suited for a transition phase when you want to add some more steam to DJ set.

Both tracks are added to our chill playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks as we discover them. These are all tracks we’d play at our beach lounge.