The Deep Lounge

Two great new productions on the menu for you today as we head down, deep down. Time for another session of The Deep Lounge!

Loco Hills (France) – Cellar House

France is first up, a country widely known and loved for their house producers.

But here we have something slightly darker and deeper than what we usually associate with French house. And what a fantastic vibe! A gorgeous, deep drive.

The original stretches out over a good six and a half minute and it doesn’t really happen much over this time span. But we thank Loco for that. We don’t want anything disturbing this vibe.

This track here is simply put a prime example of why I love deep house. Added straight to my shopping basked over at Beatport.

Idin Gorji (Turkey) – Sarmast

One of the great surprises for me after starting this blog was when I discovered that there’s actually what seems to be an active and thriving underground club community in Turkey!

I’ve never been there so all I know about this country is what I read in the news, and that’s usually of the quite opposite of party vibes. But here we are again, discovering a new turkish act: Idin Gorji.

A solid production with a slick groove, but it is the vocals that really sets this one apart. Refreshingly exotic.
A worthy addition to our collection of Deep House tracks.

Both are added to our Spotify list, “Deep Lounge” where we collect only the finest deep grooves from the elegant house scene. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow!