The Deep Lounge #23

I tend to favour the instrumental Deep House releases. So one might blame me to go mainstream here now but here’s two with vocals that I really do feel did qualify to be played at our Deep Lounge.

L Chur & Aylincobain (Germany) – Alive

We’re going fairly deep and dark with this next one, from Germany. Remarkably cute vocals are flowering on top of a heavy, rolling bassline and a properly stomping beat.

It’s maybe of the more mainstream picks from me. Admittedly, it has a kind of a “festival vibe” to it at times. But it still has at least one foot firmly in the deep side of the house pond.

A great addition to our collection, if you ask me!

Malive (Brazil) – Shelf (feat. Burlington)

A fanastic groove on this one. And with a great arrangement, making this one a solid dance floor mover.

It has that timeless house vibe that really could have been released any decade this century and filled the floor with ease. So why this one is so inaccessible, being absent from most streaming platforms, is beyond me.

Should be picked up by a label asap!

“Shelf” is not to be found on Spotify, so we can’t add it to our list. But Alive is sitting on our list right now, accompanied by a lot of other great, deep grooves. This is one list to follow to satisfy your urge for all those deep grooves.