Three for the dance floor

I’ll do something different today, and bundle three tracks that definitely belongs to the underground dance floors – but maybe not the same floor? At least not the same session.

They’re great, though. Check’em out!

James Patricio (USA) – These Eyes

Daaaaymn… The sub in this track <3 . So massive!

A rock solid underground house track that pushes all the right buttons. Intense, pushing, in that hypnotic way we truly cherish on the underground scene.

This track is simply the real deal. I’d go bonkers if this one was rolling on the PA. Wouldn’t you?

MUGA (Japan) – Traffic Dub

Here’s a really interesting one. As stuff usually seem to be, when it comes from Japan. “A smorgasbord of genres in a structured chaos”. That’s how I’d describe it.

But it’s catchy!

Very much so. Dramatic, cinematic as can be. Experimental, at least from a traditional club DJ perspective.
I really am not sure what kind of genre DJ set I’d see this one as a natural inclusion, but it sure would have to be a slightly eclectic one.

I am sure of one thing though – I’d really love to be where this one is played.

Mnexsis & Erik Polder (Sweden) – Close Your Eyes

And from the eclectic and back to the more classic club vibes again. Stretching across a good eight minutes it’s of good old club track length, and that’s something I can always appreciate. This Swedish duo also delivers a track that uses all the tricks in the book to make the floor boil.

But that does not mean it is boring, even for experienced clubbers. At least not this one. I love the hyped up vibe that this so perfectly delivers.
This is and will always be peak hour material.

We added the first track to our “The Underground House Bunker“, where only the finest house tracks for that underground club vibe resides.
The second track we simply am not sure where to place(!), but the last one is added to our techno playlist, “THIS Is Techno“, where we have a focus on main hall/peak hour techno and tech-house tracks.