Ambient Universe #83

I go all out on beauty in this edition of Ambient Universe.
From China to Italy to Australia: Here’s three tracks with full focus on creating a gorgeous atmosphere to explore.

This is the sound of peace.

Rayson He (China) – Lost in Inspiration

A bit aside what I usually pick but this track is just so incredibly beautiful. And with such a wonderful Asian vibe to it.

So all we can do is dream of the exotic plants and trees in a well kept Chinese garden, and let the beautiful flowers and gracious wildlife put our mind at ease.

Quelche (Italy) – Uncene

As delicate as a snowflake. But with a rustic vibe still. A large stereophonic scene unfolds, layers are added, all folding perfectly into each other. And when the voices appears…

This is what peace sounds like.

Aphir (Australia) – melting cups

And finally, on the subject of beauty, can anyone top this one? Gorgeous choir fill sthe great hall, a space occupied by only beautiful things. Strings, colours, curved shapes, soft lighting.

Very cinematic. Orchestral and solemn. A place to hide. And stay forever?

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest new releases are collected. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow for new, great ambient discoveries.