Ambient Universe #84

Another dive into the deep, dark universe of ambient music. Here’s three new releases you should not sleep on – just sleep to.

Human Is Alive (Russia) – Reflections Of The Past

We’ve covered Human Is Alive not too long ago, and here they are back with another dark, deep, quiet sonic exploration into a vast landscape of… Nothingness. And seldom has it looked better than this.

“Hypnotic” barely begins to describe this track.

RAF21 (France) – Signal Radio

The darkness continues in this next one. But with a very different soundscape, scattered with details and fragile sounds.

Radio signals are used as the carrying theme of the track, and provides me with associations to post-apocalyptic scenarios of deserted landscapes and a futile search for survivors.

I really love these kinds of ambient works. Tracks that are not melodic, barely even harmonic, but rich in details without ever being overwhelming.

AOI (Japan) – Ophiuchus, 6 July 1982

I’ll end today’s session on a brighter note with this harmonic, peaceful asian production.

I always pay a little extra attention when I come across Japanese artists. They often (naturally) carry with them a certain Asian vibe that I simply find irresistible.

And there are some really great Japanese ambient artists. As demonstrated here, from AOI. Gorgeously melodic, without ever tipping over too hard on the melodic side. Instead we are delivered an incredibly atmospheric sequence of brilliant harmonies and lovely progression.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one list to keep your ambient cravings satisfied.