Minimal Beats

I have a thing for the cut-to-the-bone dance grooves. The ones that doesn’t even glance over at the mainstream, but aims head on deep, deep down to the underground. These tracks are not “something for everybody”, but “everything for somebody”.

Here’s a couple of unconditionally minimal tracks.
If you’re a underground DJ you want to give these a spin.

SHSHA (USA) – Polaris

I love this track. Deep, dark, subliminal. It has an irresistible veil of mystery around it. Seductive as can be.

I can totally picture it being played at a small, dark underground club. Entrance by invitation only. I’d be there, for sure.

John Amy (Australia) – Flightless

We continue the deep, minimal vibes with this next one, from Australia. We’ve covered John before, and here he’s back with another minimal wonder of a track.

So minmal and unintrusive that it blends effortlessly in with whatever it is you’re doing right now. The variations throughout the track is so delicate, so tender, so sublime it’s barely to notice.

But you do. And love every minute of it.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selects: Minimal Beats“, where only the most minimal and dubby arrangements are found. This is top shelf material for anyone seeking the sublime.