The Beach Lounge #24

We are trotting from USA to Mexico to Russia – but in a suitably chilled fashion of course – as we visit three continents in order to serve you great new tracks suitable for a beach lounge.

Anemoia (USA) – Wind-Up Bird

Here’s a track that just stuck in my head instantly. It has a very “classic guitar instrumental” vibe, and as such not a typical pick for this column.

And maybe it is my long time fascination for jazz that made this one resonate so well with me. Either way, this was an obvious addition to our collection of tracks we could play at our imaginary beach lounge.

lost.empathy (Russia) – Her Fears

Next up is a track that so definitely is of a nature that I typically pick for the mentioned collection. That’s not to say that this one don’t have a “classic” sound to it, like the first track. I can hear “Ibiza chill tracks” for decades behind us here.

A lovely, drifting vibe, supported by a groovy yet discretely mixed beat. And an endless sea of reverb. The words are so washed out in reverb that they simply shapes into waves of sound.

And just like those other classic tracks, I predict we can easily have this one running in the background years from now.

Dieguru (Mexico) – Chilling Beach

Rounding off todays session with a gorgeous little gem from Mexico. The beautiful female vocal instantly steal our attention, performed by America Valdés.

The arrangement then evolves into more of an instrumental, an interesting choice. But it works!

It’s quite uptempo this one, making it suitable for a bit later in the session, as we’re gearing up towards the evening clubbing. Still, definitely on the chill side of things.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, where all our favourite new downtempo tracks are collected. Perfect for the lounge sessions both indoor and indeed outdoor.