The Deep Lounge #24

We’ve visited our Deep Lounge quite frequently lately, but that’s all to do with the fact that there’s a lot of great deep house tracks released recently! Here’s three of them.

Some solid underground grooves ahead:

Re-Drum (France) – America Loves Everybody

A gorgeously deep, minimal track to start with, this one. With that true deep underground vibe that we can’t get enough of here at Beatradar.
Just imagine hearing this one in a proper PA down in a dark and intimate club… Oh man. Such evenings makes life worth living.

And Re-Drum has a fun little trivia to share about it:
I used a James Brown (drunken) interview where he said : “I love America,I love everybody”. But since I’m french, I understood “America loves everybody”… hence the track name.

Such a cute story! And trust me Re-Drum, even Americans struggle with deciphering what mr James Brown says… 😀

The AquaBlendz (South Africa) – Ethereal

The deep and dark minimal atmosphere is continued in this beauty from South Africa. We are dipping one toe in the techno pond, here. Dancing on the border towards minimal, dubby techno.

Such a great, deep track and again with both feet firmly in the underground. No wonder we like it here. And I love how calm the groove is. Calm and content. Not a worry in the world. We got all the time we need.
Come vibe with us.

Polsky (UK) – 100 Million Ways to Die (Mylo Fane Remix)

Mylo Fane is the alter ego of the Drum & Bass producer Screamarts. A brand new side project which focuses on slower tempos and sound design with a lighter and less aggressive sonic tone.

And, well, if you ask us this is a bloody good debut under that name. A very unique sound. bold, confident. Atmospheric.

A notch more melodic than what I usually pick. A kind of a wildcard, the joker in the stack.

But the vibe is real, and it’s good.

All three are added to our quite fantastic Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the finest, deepest and grooviest house tracks. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow!