The Deep Lounge #25

There’s a lot of excellent dance music on the electronica scene. Obviously. And I can enjoy a lot of it, from the massive peak hour techno skyscrapers to the hysterical slow paced bass genres.

But when it comes to the good house grooves that can work both as the dance floor magnet and backdrop for a social gathering, there’s few genres I rather turn to than Deep House.

Abbacaxi (Ireland) – More Than I Need

First up is a goregously funky affair from Ireland.

A lovely deep vibe saves it from crossing to the wrong side of the mainstream border. Instead it floats effortlessly on the groove and please many a underground house afficiado with the minimal arrangement supporting the smooth vocals.

I could have wished for a dub version of this track too. That could have turned out really really well.

Drew Dapps (USA) – Higher Dimension

One thing that always impress me from Drew’s work, is the bass. So tight, so funky, so elegant.
It’s the focal point of his tracks, it’s not just supporting the track like typically bass tends to do.

But that’s just one of the factors that sets his work apart from the grey mass of deep house releases. His mild touch of background pads, the tender layers that never screams for attention, only twirls round delicately with the beat and provide a backdrop of… Damn good deep house vibes.

Both of these tracks are added to our elegant collection of Deep House tracks found on Spotify. “Deep Lounge” is weekly updated and a reliable source for new, good and loungy deep house vibes.