The Progressive Underground #15

I miss progressive house. No no, not that new electronic pop music they have couped the genre name with. The original, real progressive house. You know, actual house music. Of the progressive kind.

Here’s a track that resembles that good old vibe I talk about.

Cary Crank (Germany) – Alpha and Omega

It starts out with a lovely deep house/deep tech groove that for all I care could just have stayed there and it’d be a winner in my book.

But it evolves. Slowly, gradually, layer by layer. Like real progressive house always did. No screaming EDM breakdowns and buildups, no hysteric vocalist on top, none of that rubbish they too often call proghouse today.

The kick drum is solid, and excellently mixed right upfront. We FEEL that drum, as we should. The entire track floats through the different passages, softly yet firmly, hyping us up over the course of the good seven minutes it streches. Proper length.

Now, if I were to make wishes, I could have wanted a bit more GRIT here. It’s very polished. Like a slippery stone at the river shore.

But the groove, man. The groove!

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