The Underground House Bunker #13

Three minimal tracks that’s definitely reserved for the underground clubbers out there. In other words: They’re good.

Eddy Romero (Spain) – Fresh

Starting today’s session with this super tight deep tech groove that delivers a classic, rock solid underground flair. No wonder it reached the Beatport sales chart under Minimal/Deep Tech.

The mix is also real solid. The bass is so dry and solid it stands like a wall of groove. The progression of the track is sublime like it should be on this genre, just enough to raise our pulse and give in.

An excellent track.

Creange (France) – To the Moon

We’re heading towards more stomping fields when we now enter the world of Creange. Supported by a long list of underground DJs already given their stamps of approval.

And no wonder! The combination of the punchy beat and elegant piano creates such a gorgeous contrast between the mechanical and organic. I love such arrangements in electronica. It’s really well played, too.

This is one for the repeat button.

Corserine (USA) – Carla Wants

I’m rounding off this session with something really quite different: A very unique sound from Corserine. Minimal but juicy, sprinkled with playful details but with a groove that’s not playing around.

Very “retro-futuristic” in my ears, I get mental images of sci-fi from the 60s with robotics and uniforms according to the 60s trend aesthetics.

Most definitely belonging to the underground, this is one track for your DJ session that will be remembered.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest underground club tracks as we discover them. Safely hidden from the glaring mainstream lights, this is one list for those with both feet firmly rooted in the underground club scene.