A fullnighter in three tracks

So, let’s do something different than usual, shall we? Three tracks that together sums out an entire evening for me: Warming up with a deep house track, ramping it up with a more deep tech vibed creation, before we pull the rest of the straps with a progressive house track.
Buckle up!

Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project (Switzerland) – Hour-Glass (Gallery of Noise Remix)

Starting off with this gorgeous, deep affair.

Lovely percussion in this one. It establish that lush, smooth vibe for the evening. The vibe that makes you make plans.

A regular reader will know I like the repetitious grooves. So the arrangement is quite varied in this track, more so than I usually go for on my deep house picks. But it just works so well.

And the atmosphere here! It’s so unique. Is it just me who receives exotic vibes from this one?
I’m totally in a place far south east now. And I wanna stay here for a while.

Jorge Jaramillo & BodaciousThang (USA) – We Go Deep (Cales & Mr Hyde remix)

There’s something about spoken words in deep, techy tracks that I just never will get tired of. It’s an incredibly simple concept – and that’s probably also part of the attraction.

To add to that, the vocals here sounds incredibly like a club track that I played over and over at clubs around two decades ago. The hook in that track looped “deeper and deeper and deeper” ’till our heads exploded (ring any bells, anyone?).

I can’t recall the title of that record (I’ve since sold my record collection) but the voice here is remarkably similar. Could it be the same…?

Anyways – as you probably figured out by now this track instantly triggered something inside of me. 🙂

And if your preferences are even remotely matching mine, you will dig this track.

Daniele Di Martino (Germany) – Naos

Heading over to more progressive grounds next, with this next one from Germany. And as such we’re dialling up the energy level another notch.

This is peak hour material. A sense of urgency is veiled over it – all thanks to that looped lead synth that twists and turns itself like a massive dragon across the horizon.

Incredibly catchy. I suspect this one to be melodic enough to please a wide audience, while staying deep and repetitive enough for us real clubbers to embrace too.

At least I do.

These three selected tracks are all added to each their playlist, actually! That’s not often we do around here. But all three lists are well worth following for a reliable source of new, great underground club tracks: