Ambient Universe #87

Prepare to be sedated by three of the very best ambient releases in recent weeks.

The Monk by the Sea (Croatia) – Waves

Rusty, worn soundscape. Squeeky old machines. The dark, unsettling atmosphere here is intriguing. The waves are calm, but there’s something in the horizon that triggers uncomfort.

We should not take this quiet moment for granted. It might be the last in a while.

A great new discovery from a country we’ve not heard too much from until now: Croatia!

Endless Recall (Italy) – The Last Of Us

And we continue the rather rusty, torn atmosphere with this one, with an equally interesting texture. Especially that crackling sound that follows the lead synth – isn’t it intriguing? Like rocks falling down a mountain side.
The efforts put into the layers we hear here is staggering. Amazing sound design.

And again – that special darkness that really triggers my imagination. A fantastic track.

Ambiente Solstice (USA) – Secret Dawn

And finally, from the other side of the pond, an harmonic, dreamy, colourful and utterly peaceful creation to end our session today.

It may perhaps not bring a lot new to the table for seasoned ambient lovers, but there’s no denying the beauty in these creations. Like sunrise on a planet filled with round shapes and soft surfaces.

Trippy. I guess that’s what I’m getting at here. Trippy, that’s what this is. And there’s no bad trips to be had with this one shaping the backdrop.

All three are added to our excellent collection of new, great ambient releases, “Ambient Universe“. Regularly updated, this is one reliable provider of new discoveries!